NORA-X Server Room Monitoring end-to-end service application is based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology and able’s companies to monitor heat, smoke and humidity in their server rooms and receive notifications upon overheating, fires or water emergencies. NORA-X Server Room Monitoring service helps to prevent or drastically reduce the costs caused by the damages to devices in your server room.

  • Monitoring service works in Levikom’s public IoT network NORAnet and monitoring application is based on Levikom’s IoT business solutions platform NORA-X.
  • New technology offers easy adaptation, low set up and usage costs.
  • NORA-X gives companies the opportunity to monitor heat, smoke and humidity in their server rooms, detect anomalies and receive different notifications.
  • Service helps to discover sudden temperature rises, fires and water leaks that can damage your devices (servers, power supply, backup devices, cooling devices, heating devices and so on) and thereby prevent or drastically reduce costs caused by replacements or downtime.
  • We install 1-2 IoT sensors to every client’s server room that measure required parameters and transfer data via NORAnet network to NORA-X application. If needed Levikom adds an addition IoT gateway to clients premises.
  • Sensors don’t require network or power cable, but instead work on their own long lasting batteries and are connected via radiowaves to NORAnet network.
  • With NORA-X Server Room clients can monitor and log measurable parameters, detect anomalies early, visualize data on different graphs, monitor sensors work and set up various alarms.
  • Levikom offers 3 different Server Room Monitoring application billing options. In none of them the overall costs of sensor, service and application won’t exceed 8€ per month per sensor.
  • Levikom offers NORA-X Server Room Monitoring service too it’s IT management service clients free of charge!

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