Climate problems and high CO2 levels indoors affect directly how workers feel, their health and productivity in offices, schools. public and living spaces. NORA-X Office Climate Monitoring application is based on new internet of things (IoT) technology and able’s to:

  • Detect and prevent problems – you can receive 24/7 automatic notifications and react before things escalate
  • Save time and money – automated system keeps an eye on your office instead of you, so you don’t have to waste time and money and be more productive
  • Protect your workers – people are your company’s most precious assets, make sure they are protected
  • Low cost and simple installation – installing sensors to your office space is easy to do and doesn’t require any additional investments to infrastructure

Recommended usecases for sensors, placement and ranges:

Application Placement of sensor Recommended range
Room humidity Working desk or meeting room >20
Room temperature Working desk or meeting room 19-25C
CO2 levels Working desk or meeting room <1000 ppm


Reliable and accurate temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors that register data in every 15 minutes and react instantly to changes in environment. By using the newest remote network technologies, devices can work for up to 5 years on battery, connect safely to NORAnet network and are easily placeable.

NORA-X application

Monitor your office environment from anywhere by using cloud based 24/7 data and monitoring applications, receive alarms and notifications to email or by SMS.


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