World’s 1st IoT solution for peat monitoring!

Levikom offers IoT-based monitoring solutions for various use cases in peat production including internal combustion or wildfire detection and peat quality control. Our solutions are a meant for remote peat fields and let peat producers cost effectively and constantly measure temperature, CO levels and humidity in peat fields and stacks. Our NORA-X application with user friendly dashboard gives easy access to sensors data, allows to set alarms and receive notifications when measurements surpass designated levels.


  • Reduced losses due to overheated peat
  • Significant savings compared to manual temperature monitoring
  • Internal sensors with high capacity vents for fast air exchange
  • Quicker action by the quality control team
  • Efficient alarm detection and notifications
  • Internal combustion detection
  • Flexible node placement topology
  • CO detection after every 50 to 100 meters (works well with all wind directions)
  • Sensor geolocalization with built-in GPS or via QR mobile app
  • Sensor’s long battery life up to 5 years (replacable)
  • 3 meter foldable stainless steel temperature probe for easy transport
  • Operational via public LoRaWAN networks or private network solution provided by Levikom

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